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Twice a year (in the spring and autumn) the entire system is reviewed. The professional in charge of maintenance performs the examinations and maintenance procedures specified by the manufacturers and the installation company, including changing or replacing worn-out labels and signs, checking the condition of the fencing. They also take photographs and minutes of the completed works.

Telemechanikai szekrény

  • Battery voltage level inspection.
  • Removal of contaminations.


  • Visual inspection (searching for mechanic damage, inspection of clamping)
  • Thermal imagery inspection
  • Cleaning of vents and fans
  • Inspection of connectors
  • Firmware updating

Medium voltage cable (in every 5 years)

  • Visual inspection of column switch connections (integrity of insulators and cable ends)
  • Inspection of the mechanical status of the protective tube outlet

Solar cable

  • Inspection of joints (searching for mechanic damage, thermal imagery inspection, re-tightening)

Solar cell

  • Visual inspection (searching for mechanic damage; inspection of clamping, cables, connectors and junction boxes)
  • Thermal imagery inspection
  • Metering of strings
  • Removing of major contamination

Sensors (heat, wind, irradiation)

  • Visual inspection (searching for mechanic damage; inspection of connectors and clamping)
  • Testing of appropriate operation

Lightning protection

  • Visual inspection (searching for mechanic damage; inspection of clamping)
  • Inspection, re-tightening of EPH connections and bolted joints
  • Renewal of minutes

Supporting structures

  • Searching for mechanic damage
  • Review of bolted joints, welds, screwing points (tightening to the proper torque)
  • Inspection and re-tightening of wind-bracings and frame stiffeners
  • Inspection and repair of coatings of treated surfaces

Transformer substation

  • Visual inspection (mechanic damage, oil level, RM6 gas pressure, condition of insulators)
  • Inspection, re-tightening of junctions and connections
  • Removal of contaminations
  • Testing of safety separators
  • Testing of motor drives
  • Testing of uninterruptible power supply
  • Thermal imagery inspection
  • Authentication of voltage transformers (when necessary)