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Total balancing energy compensation and PV park administration with ancillary services aFRR/mFRR

Forecast and balancing cost takeover

TSO scheduling and balancing cost takeover

Ancillary services (aFRR/mFRR)

With our own control box and VPP we can provide an additional income revenue for your PV system with. We have a validated aFRR/mFRR services to ramp down your PV plant according to the TSO needs!

Energy trading bot

With our own short-term energy trading system (M7 market design EU) we can maximize your PV production energy market income!

Uniqe short term forecast model

Based on image recognition there is off-shelf image recognition system which works with even surveillance cameras

Full administration

Invoicing, E-utility, Data publication to the Ministry of Energy

Invertermonitoring and internet

Additional inverter monitoring / management / PLC error detection service, we make your PV park smart

Take a look at our platform!

Control panel for aFRR/mFRR
Control box
PV portfolio management


DAM market price - 6-8 EUR/MWh

Detailed monitoring services

Inverter management, fault detection

  • Additional inverter monitoring/management service, we make your PV park smart!
  • Performance ratio per MPPT measurements
  • Intraday schedule adjustment according to the inverter data-->Extra forecast income
  • No internet/power transformer email/text message warning
  • Low performing (not broken down) MPPTs email warning
  • High inverter temperature waring in email
  • PV park group management: every PV park in one page
  • If one inverter fails, the loss could be as high as 1000 EUR/month
  • Supported inverters Fronius, Huawei, Growatt, SMA, KACO, Meteocontrol, Solar-Log
  • Inverter management is included in our price. Ask for details
  • Monthly PDF summary (pattern)


Why choose us?



Image recognition, unique short term forecast model


Monthly fee

Total balancing energy compensation and PV plant administration


Ancillary services

With our own control box you can gain aFRR/mFRR extra income for you PV site


Mobil app

With the help of our iOS/Android app you can see how our platform completely manages your PV park in every aspect



Utilizing local NWP weather and neural network forecast



More than 800 sites, 400MW scheduling and 180MW mFRR capability


465MW PV and 248MW VPP (mFRR and aFRR) portfolio

PV plant

Wind park

Power plant